Adoption & Collaborative Reproduction

Adoption and collaborative reproduction are wonderful options that assist creating families.  We are dedicated to helping a diverse clientele including non-traditional and traditional families with independent (private) adoptions, domestic and international agency adoptions, stepparent and relative adoptions, interstate adoptions, embryo, egg and sperm donation, embryo adoption, surrogacy, public agency/foster care adoption and the opening of adoption records. We also provide services to assist clients interested in locating and connecting with an expectant mother interested in placing her baby up for adoption.

Building a family unit involves a complex legal process that should be facilitated with the assistance of an experienced attorney. We advise our clients of their rights, explore all options, and handle each case in compliance with all applicable federal and state adoption and reproductive laws to facilitate our clients’ family dreams.  We ensure that all parties understand and consent to the legal and financial ramifications of their situation including such issues as confidentiality, medical expenses, insurance, compensation, future contact communication and parental rights.

Due to enormous advances in science and technology, new definitions of what constitutes a legal family, and welcomed improvements in tolerance towards non-traditional individuals and partners, we ensure that we remain up-to -date on new reproductive legislation and find novel approaches to support our clients’ family rights under existing laws.

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