Bikel & Mandarano Summer 2015 Updates

Attached is an interesting article setting forth some of the hurdles many fathers must overcome to equalize their status as parents.  Many of our clients face similar obstacles when attempting to maintain their influence as co-parents during contested matrimonial actions. Check out the New York Post article here. Notably, many of our clients who are mothers face their own unique challenges in attempting to secure fair and appropriate custody and parenting time arrangements.


2015 Super Lawyers Award

Dror Bikel and Naomi Schanfield were notified that they both will be recipients of the 2015 Super Lawyers Award.  The award will be officially announced in the New York Times Magazine this fall.  This is Dror’s seventh nomination, and Naomi’s first.


How to Try a Custody Case Program

Earlier this summer Dror Bikel, in his role as Program Director of the New York College of Matrimonial Attorneys, organized a four-day continuing legal education program titled “How to Try a Custody Case:  A Four Day Program to Develop Trial Skills”.  The program was presented in partnership with the New York County Lawyers Association, and involved lectures, demonstrations, and small break-out sessions that included student participation in all aspects of a custody trial.  On the last day of the program, students participated in mock trials during which real actors playing the role of husband and wife.  Naomi Schanfield and Justine Stringer participated as students in the program.


Women and the Status of the Legal Profession

Linda Rosenthal was invited by the New York City Bar Association to join the Sub-Committee on Women and the Status of the Legal Profession.  This Sub-Committee is tasked with updating best practices for the advancement of women attorneys.  Linda was also a featured speaker on a panel regarding the legal issues attending to religious divorces in New York State.

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