Business Valuations

In many marriages, a privately-held business is the major marital asset. When one or both parties to a divorce own all or part of a business, it is important to correctly measure the amount of ownership interest and how much it is worth. When a party possesses assets with inherently high value, two options exist- sell and divide the proceeds or one party can “buy out” the other.  A business valuation must be conducted thoroughly, objectively, fairly and quickly.

Our team is skilled at identifying and obtaining information through investigation and discovery to establish a business’ worth. We examine a companies’ complete financial history as well as examine all possible values such as the experience and skill level of the business’ management and key personnel, its intangible assets such as intellectual property, or its proprietary manufacturing processes in addition to all relevant geographic, industry and economic development information. We are well-versed and understand the relevant statutes and case law that dictate a valuation’s standards and methodologies to set the correct parameters for appraisal by our staff of professional and independent expert appraisers and forensic accountants whose findings are defensible in court. We are experienced at presenting valuations in a persuasive and concise manner in all forums.

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