Co-Habitation Agreements

In New York, only marriage or civil union provides clear protection for each person when the relationship ends. A co-habitation agreement solves many of the problems that may arise when a relationship unrecognized by law ends.  Unmarried long-term couples, gay or lesbian couples, siblings or friends who find it convenient to live together, and business partners on intimate terms may benefit from co-habitation agreements. They help a couple define their rights and responsibilities with regard to property, expenses, liabilities and financial support.

We offer counsel as to the extent of a client’s potential rights and burdens under this arrangement as well as whether they are eligible to register under the New York State or City Domestic Partnership laws.  Proper documentation as to who owns what in the form of an enforceable co-habitation agreement can give a measure of financial security and personal stability and help a couple avoid a lengthy, confusing and costly court battle. Should co-habitation end, we assist clients in negotiating separation agreements that are tax effective and fair to their financial and personal needs.

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