High Net Worth Divorce

The principles of client service in a high net worth divorce are substantially the same as in any other case with the primary difference one of complexity requiring sophisticated analysis and representation. Many such cases involve the distribution of such assets as business ventures, real estate investments, characterization of inheritance,  assessing tax implications or gains through property division, multiple bank accounts, stock options, 401Ks and pensions and trusts, reassessment of estate planning instruments as well as locating hidden assets under international jurisdiction.

We have the team and resources in place such as forensic accountants and business experts to represent individuals engaged in contested matrimonial proceedings where significant assets, investments or business interests are involved and need protection. We address intricate financial questions thoroughly and efficiently and understand that early-stage protection strategies are critically important. We work with each client’s current and past financial planners and advisers for a comprehensive evaluation and a better understanding of personal and family long-term financial goals.

We understand that those goals may include a strong effort in avoiding public litigation to maintain a client’s privacy and avoid the necessity of revealing financial or personal details to the public to avoid any negative impact on the value of a company. This ability to examine the entire picture gives our clients the advantage in asset preservation. However, if a mediated solution or enforcement of a pre or post-nuptial agreement is unavailable, we will protect our client’s assets through aggressive and skilled litigation.

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