Orders of Protection

Orders of protection attempt to ensure the safety, welfare, and health of any person or child who is threatened with abuse, harassment, stalking, violence, verbal threats, or any other unacceptable behavior.  These orders vary depending on specific circumstances. A “stay away” order prohibits a party from entering or being in the same vicinity as the victim. A “refrain-from” order forbids the party from threatening, abusing or harassing the victim. Orders provide for a greater sense of physical and mental security, and police take complaint calls more seriously. If violated, a respondent faces potential felony charges and jail time.

Orders of protection may be obtained in Family or Criminal Court.  Our team has extensive experience not only in family law but also in prosecuting criminal actions. We understand the procedural differences of both venues that ensure a just resolution to any claim of threat, and respect the urgency and quick response time required to obtain valid temporary and final orders to protect an endangered client. We also ensure that our clients are informed of all available resources to assist in securing every client’s emotional and physical well-being when involved in this very difficult circumstance.

We also understand that sometimes such serious claims are used as a bargaining tool or sword in a contested family lawsuit and will equally aggressively and quickly dispute any false claims asserted against a client.

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