Our Practice

Matrimonial & Family Law

For clients who have decided to dissolve a marriage, we provide expert comprehensive review, analysis and strategy to realize their personal and financial requirements and goals in a professional yet compassionate manner that best protects them and any children’s interests.

Spousal & Partner Agreements

Couples who desire to establish or clarify their rights and obligations to each other can foster healthy communication, improve the quality of their relationship, and eliminate misunderstandings with a well-negotiated and drafted agreement.

Adoption & Collaborative Reproduction
Paternity & Confidentiality Agreements
Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Post-Nuptial Agreements
Co-Habitation Agreements

Child Sex Abuse & Personal Injury

Bikel & Schanfield fight for victims in child sex abuse and in personal injury cases.  We are passionate about holding predators and the institutions that allow sexual abuse to happen accountable for their actions, even when the criminal justice system cannot help a victim find justice, we can obtain a recovery through the civil justice system. We know your rights matter, and we’ll pursue them aggressively. Compassionate and ready to listen, the first step toward your healing journey is picking up the phone to make a call to Bikel & Schanfield.

Child Sex Abuse
Personal Injury

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