Paternity & Confidentiality Agreements

When a child is born to a married woman, the law assumes that her husband is the child’s father. However, when a couple is not married, the biological father is not considered the legal father until paternity is legally established. Establishing paternity gives certain legal rights to the child, including child support, benefits, and inheritance rights. It also gives certain legal rights and responsibilities to the father, including the right to refuse a requested adoption, the right to share custody, and the right to request court ordered visitation.

People often find themselves in situations where they are unsure as to paternity and wish to confirm a father’s rights and/or obligations as well as a child’s rights. Reactions to being identified or denied as a father are different for everyone.  Some men wish to assert their parental rights if they did father a child to secure and protect a relationship with a son or daughter. Others need help disputing their alleged identification as fathers of children they do not believe they are responsible for.

We represent parties in all types of paternity actions. We can help obtain paternity testing and act as an advocate for or against a finding of paternity. If paternity is established, we help mediate or litigate appropriate child support, custody and visitation arrangements and secure paternity and offspring rights.

Our firm also understands that often paternity allegations involve sensitivities that require privacy.  We represent individuals seeking to arrange confidentiality agreements regarding paternity, child support and custody that are legally enforceable.

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