Spousal Support

Throughout a marriage, a husband or wife may come to rely on the other partner’s financial contribution to the relationship. In order to maintain this level or financial stability during separation and divorce, one party may be entitled to receive spousal support or spousal maintenance.

When a couple gets a divorce, the parties may agree to or the court may award alimony, or spousal support, to one of the former spouses. An award of spousal maintenance is based on a number of factors related to current and future income and earning potential.  The most important factors are the parties’ standard of living and whether they can achieve financial independence. Spousal maintenance is set for life, for a specific period of time, or may terminate upon remarriage, death or cohabitation of a party. It can be a very intricate part of the final outcome of any divorce because it may influence how the marital property distribution is agreed to or awarded.

It is important to retain a practice that understands the rules of spousal support to emphasize the parties’ income, earning capacity, education and expenses. We will help identify an amount that is fair and equitable, negotiate an agreement or modification to an existing one, litigate, or represent you in appealing a previous alimony award or denial. Our team will also act quickly to assess whether to request or dispute a need for temporary maintenance from the court pending a final judgment or execution of an agreement.

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