New York divorces can be notoriously complex. Coupled with digital cryptocurrency, identifying and dividing assets can be convoluted. Here’s what you need to know.

Whether you are considering or currently involved in divorce, the information in this booklet can help protect your property, children, and future. Divorcing couples who own crypto assets, either jointly or separately, face a number of unique and challenging obstacles. Familiarizing yourself with these potential issues can help you better prepare for divorce and obtain the most positive outcome for your case.

Due to crypto’s resistance to regulation, the law isn’t always aligned with the rapidly evolving crypto landscape. When one or both spouses have significant crypto assets, it raises unique questions in divorce proceedings, including how to distribute assets equitably and whether one spouse is using crypto to hide assets. In high-net-worth divorces, dividing assets is difficult enough. Add cryptocurrency into the mix, and you must be especially proactive and strategic about protecting yourself.

Cryptocurrency Assets in Divorce

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Divorce involving complex assets requires the expertise of forensic accountants. Today, the professionals we hire must necessarily have a deep understanding of cryptocurrency assets, virtual wallets, and transaction dynamics. Finding your spouse’s crypto stash or assessing the value of virtual currencies and ICO shares can be challenging, but it is not impossible.

A Divorce Reference Guide for
Cryptoassets in Divorce on How-To

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    Identify if your spouse
    has crypto assets

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    crypto assets

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    Find traces of cryptocurrency
    in bank statements and tax returns

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    Prove how crypto assets
    were acquired