Has a judge appointed an Attorney for the Child in your custody case in New York? Learn more about the role of the AFC and how to have a smooth process.

An AFC is just what it sounds like—an attorney who represents a child in custody or the custody aspect of a divorce case. Custody cases are about the child, and the child is one of the individuals most affected by the decision in the case. Because of this, in most instances, New York state gives a minor child in a custody case the right to have his/ her point of view represented in the case. However, it is ultimately the judge’s decision whether to appoint an AFC. The child has a voice, not a vote. New York state judges appoint an AFC “for minors who often require the assistance of counsel to help protect their interests and to help them express their wishes to the court.”

People often think of custody cases as having two sides. In actuality, there are at least three sides and principles in each case (more if there is more than one child and the children have separate opinions and views). The AFC is an important role created to give your child full legal representation in the custody case and ensure that his/her opinion is heard and considered by the court in making this important decision. This e-book offers guidance and insight into how an Attorney for the Child will work with your child as part of a custody case.

Attorney for the Child

What's in the eBook?

  • AFCs & When They Are Used
  • Your Child’s Role with an AFC
  • Payment for AFCs
  • AFC Visits & Medical/School Records
  • Mistakes to Avoid with the AFC
  • Problems with AFCs
The AFC can help reach settlements. You and the other parent want what is best for your child. The AFC can speak about what your child wants, which can help you reach a settlement that takes those wishes into account. The AFC has the unique position of knowing you, your child, and the other parent in a way the other attorneys in the case do not, which allows the AFC to help guide settlement talks to something that everyone can agree on.

Answers To Your Questions Surrounding the
Attorney for the Child & Your High Conflict Divorce:

  • 1

    AFC qualifications &
    how they are appointed

  • 2

    The role of the AFC at trial
    and your child’s role in the custody case

  • 3

    How to prepare your child
    to meet with their attorney

  • 4

    Why the attorney for the child
    is key to your case