If you are considering or are currently involved in a divorce and have substantial assets or income that are or may become in dispute, the information in this book can help you protect your property, and your future.

We use the term Wall Street Divorce somewhat broadly to include parties with careers involving a high degree of financial sophistication and compensation. These include hedge fund managers, private equity partners, highly-bonused money managers & brokers, Big Law principals, leading consultants, and investment players of all sorts.

New Yorkers and others with a complex asset or income mosaic face a number of unique and challenging obstacles and possible pitfalls at marriage’s end. Familiarizing yourself with these potential issues can help you better prepare for divorce and obtain the most positive outcome for your specific case.

Wall Street Divorce

What's in the eBook?

  • Prenuptial
  • Art of
    Valuing Assets
  • Complex Income
  • Navigating
  • Sophisticated
  • Personal
  • Divorce
    Turmoil Signs
No one does divorce quite like a Wall Street titan. Yes, their estates are large, in terms of dollar value, but they can also be hugely complex, comprising assets such as rare art, posh mansions, business interests, offshore accounts, securities holdings, and trusts. Substantial income is usually complicated by factors such as tax liabilities and minimization strategies. Although the prospect of a financially complex divorce may appear overwhelming at first, narrowing down the thought process to what you need to find and where to look for it can make the undertaking seem vastly more achievable.

A Divorce Reference Guide for
New York’s Wolves of Wall Street Regarding

  • 1

    Divorce Issues
    Unique to the
    Financial Sector

  • 2

    NY Courts Approaches
    to Different Types
    of Income

  • 3

    Locating & Valuing Atypical
    Assets from Art to Private
    Equity Holdings

  • 4

    Prenuptial Agreements
    in High Net Worth