Are you considering or going through a divorce in New York State? Learn more about what that may look like for you in The Empire State.

Whether you are considering or currently involved in divorce, the information in this booklet can help protect your property, children, and future. New York City residents face a number of unique and challenging obstacles regarding child custody, asset valuation and child and spousal support. Familiarizing yourself with these potential issues can help you better prepare for divorce and obtain the most positive outcome for your specific case.

Divorce brings up countless concerns and questions that are difficult to answer on your own. Am I taking the right steps to maintain custody of my children? Am I protecting my assets? Did I choose the best lawyer? This e-book offers guidance and answers to some of the most commonly asked divorce questions.

NY Divorce FAQs

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There’s always a benefit to bringing in a litigator, even if you never want to litigate. Litigators know the measuring sticks. They know how judges resolve divorce and custody disputes, so they’re good at counseling clients on what they can expect. They know how the courts are going to resolve things, so they can prepare their clients for the likely outcomes.

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