Whether you are passionate about the art you own or acquire art pieces merely for the economic benefit, your personal and financial future is worth protecting and fighting for.

One asset class that can generate more turmoil and financial disruption than any other when mishandled is Art. Art owners, collectors, and gallerists in the midst of divorce are faced with all sorts of questions. Should you sell or keep the René Magritte? Has the Joan Miró been appropriately valued? What percent of the Jasper Johns sale proceeds are yours?

From contemporary to modern, surrealism to fauvism, the interests of New York City art collectors are as diverse as the pieces themselves. Some collectors care solely about aesthetics. Some are historians or true connoisseurs who can spot a painted-over da Vinci with one glance. Then there are the entrepreneurs who view art as an investment, studying appreciation over composition. Indeed, New York finance pros know how to maneuver art as an asset class.

NY Art Collector Divorce

What's in the eBook?

  • Art Valuation
    in Divorce
  • Marital vs.
    Separate Property
  • Large Art Collections
  • Art as an Asset
    in Divorce
  • Gallerists & Art Ownership
Whether you own five art pieces or 1,000, the benefits of art collecting are vast. But art ownership can also become a major point of discord and conflict in divorce. Those who aren’t prepared can lose significant monetary value or the art pieces themselves to marriage dissolution.

An Art Collector’s Guide
to Navigating a Complex Divorce Questions

  • 1

    Marital vs. Separate
    Property Characterization

  • 2

    Art Valuation and
    Distribution in Divorce

  • 3

    Common Divorce Issues
    for Art Collectors / Gallerists

  • 4

    How to Hire a Qualified
    NYC Divorce Attorney