New York City divorces are as distinctive as the city itself. If you’re considering or going through a divorce in NY, you must be prepared for the unique challenges New Yorkers face.

Coming from the home of Wall Street, massive art collections, and high-powered celebrities, it’s no wonder that divorcing New Yorkers bring extraordinary challenges to the negotiating table. Many New Yorkers have complex assets, unconventional marriages, diverse sources of income, and multi-million-dollar real estate. Coupled with cultural differences, social expectations, and high-flying lifestyles, the NYC divorce can be extremely challenging.

This e-book offers an informative overview of the most common pitfalls regarding child custody, asset valuation, and child and spousal support. If you are involved in or considering divorce in New York City, this guide will help you become familiar with the obstacles you may face down the line. Understanding the New York divorce process and how to avoid complications will save you money and frustration in the long run.

New York City Divorce

What's in the eBook?

  • New York
    Divorce Overview
  • Risk Factors
    for Divorce
  • Socioeconomic
  • Industry
  • Spousal
    Support Issues
  • New York City
    Child Custody
  • Top 10 Mistakes
    Made in NY Divorces
In addition to socioeconomic diversity, New York City divorces are also highly influenced by the major diversity in professions. New York City is considered the financial, media and cultural capital of the world. Careers in education, technology, sports, entertainment, politics and research are common and significantly impact U.S. and global commerce. While all professions pose some influence on divorce, certain New York professions have special issues that must be addressed to obtain the most beneficial outcome.

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    Unique aspects
    of NYC Divorce

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    Common child custody /
    support issues

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    Tips on optimizing
    your divorce outcome

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    Hiring a qualified
    NYC divorce attorney