Prenuptial agreements provide a straightforward exit strategy, saving New Yorkers expenses and stresses of a divorce trial. Here’s what you should consider to have a valid, effective agreement.

If you are engaged or considering getting married, the information in this book can help you protect yourself and your future. New Yorkers with complex assets and income should enter into a prenuptial agreement in order to work out the division of assets and spousal support owed should they ever divorce. Doing so allows you to avoid the expense of a divorce trial and the significant loss of assets should a court distribute your assets upon divorce.

Understanding what a prenuptial agreement is, why you need one, and how it can protect you is an important step to take before marrying. Likewise, suppose you have significant assets and are already married but do not have a postnuptial agreement. In that case, you should discover how a postnuptial agreement can protect you and help you avoid an expensive divorce trial should your marriage ever end.

NY Prenups

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  • Prenuptial / Postnuptial
  • Requirements for
    Postnups / Prenups
  • Mistakes
    to Avoid
  • Requirements for
    Valid Prenups
It may seem strange to have to talk about the potential end of the marriage you are just about to enter into but creating a prenuptial can strengthen your marriage. Working together to discuss your finances can help prevent divorce since many divorces are caused by miscommunication about financial matters. A prenuptial agreement creates trust and encourages open communication, and is a healthy way to start a marriage.

A New Yorker’s Reference Guide to
Prenuptial / Postnuptial Agreements

  • 1

    Provisions included in a
    prenuptial agreement in New York

  • 2

    How prenups or postnups
    protect you and your spouse

  • 3

    The role of children
    in a prenuptial agreement

  • 4

    Contesting a
    prenuptial agreement